Friday, October 26, 2007

Ringing the Bell

We have a Bell in our QA team which was placed by our lead for the purpose of ringing when a bug is found. Bug meaning, not a feature in our Software System, but a problem that needs to be fixed.
Why we ring the bell.
1. Because GrantBob said.
2. Because it's fun.
3. Because it gives our team mates opportunities to learn about problems in the software.
4. Increases Team Building opportunities.
5. So we can boost team relationship by cheering the ringer.
So, on that note, here's a little song, just for the QA team. Sung to the tune of" Come on Ring Those Bells"
Come on Ring That Bell
Add to the CR Tree
Everybody rings
More fun for you and me (Repeat)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Smirnoff Time

I'm ready for a drink. The flavor my wife and I compromised on this time was a bottle of Rasberry Smirnoff. I dig it. Put a little less than half a glass and half a glass of gingerale. I'm good to go.

I believe I will have one of those this evening. It's one of those days.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Thinkin Bout Pullin a Grace....

Not that I would really do this, but....

Do you remember the Will and Grace episode when Grace was too cheap to pay for a personal trainer, so she decided to follow around someone's session. Finally the Personal trainer realizes what she is doing.

So Peanut Butter Gone Mild, Scrappy, and my Boss are all starting a class with a personal trainer this week. It made me think of the Will and Grace show and I mentioned to Peanut Butter how funny it would be if I went with them and did the same things they did, but on the other side of the gym.

Of course I would never do that. But I think it would be absolutely hilarious to do it just once. I think only Grace would be able to pull it off though.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


You will be missed.

However, I do see you keeping in touch.

Good Luck in your new ventures!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Shufflin About

I would have never imagined that a good friend "Sky" would hook a sister up.

Ok ok, I was wrong in my last posting. I would totally choose to get an iPhone if I were to be given an iPhone. So yes, I am willing to convert to Apple products.

This weekend I was blessed with an iPod Shuffle. It's Hot! It even has music on it already. Which is pretty cool because music can tell you a lot about a person. heh heh

Thanks Sky, you're the bomb!