Thursday, January 28, 2010

ChickenPotPie Lovin

This past week I missed Church because I was sick. My friend Crys lovingly made me a Chicken Pot Pie to help me feel better. (Carla helped) It was possibly the best Chicken Pot Pie's I've ever eaten. It took me 2 days to eat it. I ate it for every meal until it was gone. Yes, even for breakfast. MMMM, Please Ma'am, may I have another.

I love my friends and I am so thankful for how awesome they are. Thanks Crys for comforting me during my sickness. God Bless you for that!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Artic Blast 2010

Pic taken at approx 7:20AM. I wish I were playing in it, but... aah, the joys of working as an adult. I hit two patches of Black Ice on the way to work which caused me to run 2 stop signs. At the bottom of my street is a nasty hill which always gathers ice. Praise God for safety.

The flowerbed has some beautiful snow, I hope it stays so I can take a pic of that when I get home later today.

Artic Blast 2010 was coined by the news before it was ever snowing according to Carla. So, hence the title. :-)

Also notice the hole in my mailbox. This past Saturday we had some kids hit (literally) the mailboxes of Shamrock Forrest. Good times. Aah the joys of home ownership. Good times.