Friday, December 21, 2007

My Christmas Date

Last night I took my Beautiful Wife on a Christmas Date.

We went to Decatur for Terrific Thursday. Santa was there. It was Terrific!

We had been planning to go all month, but one week I was sick and last week she was sick. So this was the only night we could go enjoy.

We had dinner at Sage. The food was wonderful. I had the Terrific Thursday special. A Flank Steak. It was great. They had a 9oz martini for $6 and I tried the Cosmo which didn't have very much alcohol in it at all. For a 9oz Martini, you would think it would be enough, it was so crappy I didn't even order another one. That says a lot. Amy had compassion on their service because we ended up getting the bar tender waiting on us, I think we saw her three times total. In my opinion, it was so bad that the little host was trying to help her out by waiting on us. When I go to a restaurant like that, I expect good service and I didn't get it, so I was disappointed. But the food was good. But for me to want to go back, I need the combo, good food, good service. But that's me. I must say though, I'm not a cheap hoochie, so the Bar Tender still got a good tip. But whatever, good thing my Love is so compassionate, that's all I'm sayin. - Overall - it was OK.

We proceeded through the square where we received free marshmallows to roast over a HUGE fire. My guess is that there were approximately 50 people there crowded around a massive fire. It was nice.

We then went to MoJo's Pizza and Pub. Where we go once every month or so. I would say it's one of my top 5 favorite pizza places in the ATL. They had a special, if you buy a $10 gift card, they give $5 on top. So we bought two, for ourselves. We'll spend that quickly I am sure. If you ever go, my suggestion is the White Pizza with Pepperoni. It's Fabu!

Overall, I had a wonderful date with my Lovely Wife.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Movies

Scrappy and I are onto the same topic here. Christmas Movies.

They're great. Last year Love and I watched all the same movies as Scrappy described so we decided to not watch any movies we had already seen. With the exception of Miracle on 34th Street and possibly the Polar Express. Anyway..

Thus far this year I have seen...

Single Santa meets Mrs. Claus
Meet the Santa's
Holidays in Handcuffs
All I Want for Christmas.
Silent Night
Christmas in Boston

I liked the movies so much that I wanted part two for all of them.

Single Santa and Meet the Santa's are sequels and you have to watch them in that order.

I do believe they're all Romance, Drama, Comedy. But they were fabulous.

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's that time again...

It's Christmas Socks time again. It's so much fun wearing Christmas socks.

Unless I show them off, people can not see them. It's kind of like my very own Christmas secret. I wear them and purely get Christmas joy from just wearing them.

The little joys in life are wonderful. Does anyone else get into wearing Christmas socks like I do?

Secret Santa


1. Whoever it is knows me and knows enough about me to know my nickname.

2. They have great taste. - First I received a penguin PEZ dispenser, and it's so cute!

3. They know me well enough to get me two of something significant. The work Christmas party is coming up and we're going to Dave and Busters, and my Secret Santa got me two D&B Power Cards. The fact that Santa got me two means a lot, which means they know Amy, or know about Amy. They took the time to travel to D&B to get it. It was a well thought out and time invested gift. That's awesome!

YAY! Kudos to my Secret Santa!

YAY! Kudos to my Secret Santa!