Thursday, September 18, 2008

Radio Take Two

Last week didn't work out for the radio because the main PC's mother board crashed. So we were in the car headed to the studio and got a phone call to wait till next week. So here we are, take two.

It was good though, I was able to meet the DJ and the Sound Engineer. They are quite nice and it relieved some nerves.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm going to be on the Radio this week. My good friend and sister Ghetto Gospel hosts a Gospel Show on ttp://

The Call in # 404-567-5831 if you want to call and give a shout out to me and Ghetto Gospel.

It's pretty crazy, I'm suppose to be playing my clarinet and there are some pads on the clarinet that need replacing, so every time I play in the lower register, it plays high notes. So now I have to go rent a clarinet just for this radio spotlight. Hopefully the key placement will be the same, these days it has changed from my clarinet.
History about me: I have played the clarinet for 21 years now. My clarinet is very special to me. It's a wood clarinet and I received it 15 years ago. I received the clarinet for Christmas and my parents purchased it from a girl who had it for 10 years. She also purchased the clarinet used. So I really have no idea how old this clarinet is or how much it is worth. To me though, it's priceless.

I have had the opportunity to play the clarinet with multiple bands, groups and I've even played
with the best Jazz Vibraphonist in the world, Lionel Jones in Spivey Hall at Clayton College and State University. And this year I had the honor of playing behind two of Ghetto Gospel's Spoken Word Pieces.
But the gratest pleasure of all is that I have played in worship for the Greatest Audience of One, God.