Friday, July 27, 2007

The Hive & God's Favor

Last night I was cutting my grass in my front yard. Cutting the grass, cutting the grass. Driving along, driving along. Suddenly I notice that I mowed over a brand new hole in my yard. I took a step back to inspect the hole, and a yellow jacket flies into the hole, then several jackets fly out. I immediately let go of the lawnmower and walk away slowly. It was a Yellow Jacket nest!

I am so blessed that I did not get stung. Not one jacket came at me, I think they were more confused than anything. Also, this nest is less than 10' away from the front door of my house. We have had guests over and they have walked through our yard. My pups have run around the yard. Thus far no one has been stung and all have been protected. Today I am counting my blessings. :-)


Jeff said...

It seems that we've both had recent run-ins with these critters. Are you going to find a way to relocate them safely and humanely? Maybe you could just put up a sign and fence off that part of the yard as a yellow jacket preserve.

grantbob said...


grantbob said...

So what happened to the yellow jackets?