Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I killed my pet

Something you may not know about me is... My Father played the Harmonica, My Grandfather played the Harmonica, and I play the harmonica.

Sunday at Church I went to play my C Harp on one of my favorite songs, Friend of God by Phillips, Craig, and Dean. And my harmonica only could play a few notes per octave. I then realized, I killed my pet!
I think I killed it when I was learning how to bend notes which pressures the reed, and I did it a lot trying to learn. So, I broke it.

Fortunately I have another harmonica of that same key, but it's not the appropriate size for my case and one day I will replace it. But in the interim, I have 3 days to learn how to use it so that Friday I will not be without. It's a different size and therefore has different spacing between the notes, but it will not be as hard as learning to go from a Clarinet to a Bass Clarinet. Phew!


Hans said...

That's when people like us gotta forge ahead, Squeaker, am I right?

SqueakyClef said...

That's right baby!