Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prop 8

There are many things going on right now in History. We have elected our first African-American President. Same-sex marriage is becoming legal, then illegal, over and over again.

There are many things happening online regarding the same-sex marriage fight.

Here is one that I have signed.
I also added the below in the comment section.
"Sanctity, as defined by Dictionary.com. "The state of being holy or sacred, that is, set apart for the worship or service of gods. It could also mean being set apart to pursue (or to already have achieved) a sacred state or goal, such as Nirvana." In this case, we can easily substitute Nirvana with Marriage. Sanctity and Holiness of marriage is exactly what Same-sex couples are asking for, the divine commitment accepted by law. If the purpose of Prop 8 is to keep sanctity and holiness in marriage, then Divorce should be abolished."