Friday, October 15, 2010

Foos ball & The Broken Man Trophy

Here at the office we have a foos ball table. I personally think we're pretty good, like, we could probably place somewhere in a real tournament. But without question, we would definitely kick Joey, Chandler, and Monica's butt. Anywho. We have become so good, that it is rare that a team would not score any points. On the rare occasion that it would happen, the opposing team mates would have bragging rights for at least a week.

We have worn out many parts on the table, and when we were replacing a broken man one day someone said, we should make a broken man trophy to hang outside our cubes/offices. Grantbob came up with the plan, and I executed it. So I went to Michael's to get a plaque, stained it, and painted the broken man silver. Next Grantbob gorilla glued the broken man to the plaque. Finally we were able to hand over the trophy to the current trophy holders. It's really a trophy of shame, appropriately titled, The broken man trophy.

I would never mention any names as to who the current trophy holders are. And one is not in the office today, so once they return, I will take another pic of both pieces.

Here is our foos table.

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Hans said...

Bear holds the trophy with Scrappy? Wow, she must've been extra terrible that day to drag Bear down.