Friday, December 21, 2007

My Christmas Date

Last night I took my Beautiful Wife on a Christmas Date.

We went to Decatur for Terrific Thursday. Santa was there. It was Terrific!

We had been planning to go all month, but one week I was sick and last week she was sick. So this was the only night we could go enjoy.

We had dinner at Sage. The food was wonderful. I had the Terrific Thursday special. A Flank Steak. It was great. They had a 9oz martini for $6 and I tried the Cosmo which didn't have very much alcohol in it at all. For a 9oz Martini, you would think it would be enough, it was so crappy I didn't even order another one. That says a lot. Amy had compassion on their service because we ended up getting the bar tender waiting on us, I think we saw her three times total. In my opinion, it was so bad that the little host was trying to help her out by waiting on us. When I go to a restaurant like that, I expect good service and I didn't get it, so I was disappointed. But the food was good. But for me to want to go back, I need the combo, good food, good service. But that's me. I must say though, I'm not a cheap hoochie, so the Bar Tender still got a good tip. But whatever, good thing my Love is so compassionate, that's all I'm sayin. - Overall - it was OK.

We proceeded through the square where we received free marshmallows to roast over a HUGE fire. My guess is that there were approximately 50 people there crowded around a massive fire. It was nice.

We then went to MoJo's Pizza and Pub. Where we go once every month or so. I would say it's one of my top 5 favorite pizza places in the ATL. They had a special, if you buy a $10 gift card, they give $5 on top. So we bought two, for ourselves. We'll spend that quickly I am sure. If you ever go, my suggestion is the White Pizza with Pepperoni. It's Fabu!

Overall, I had a wonderful date with my Lovely Wife.

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