Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Movies

Scrappy and I are onto the same topic here. Christmas Movies.

They're great. Last year Love and I watched all the same movies as Scrappy described so we decided to not watch any movies we had already seen. With the exception of Miracle on 34th Street and possibly the Polar Express. Anyway..

Thus far this year I have seen...

Single Santa meets Mrs. Claus
Meet the Santa's
Holidays in Handcuffs
All I Want for Christmas.
Silent Night
Christmas in Boston

I liked the movies so much that I wanted part two for all of them.

Single Santa and Meet the Santa's are sequels and you have to watch them in that order.

I do believe they're all Romance, Drama, Comedy. But they were fabulous.

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Kim said...

Holidays in Handcuffs, huh? Sounds...interesting. ;)