Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Great Debaters

WOW! The Great Debaters is a Must See Movie! I saw many movies over my Holiday at the Drive In Theater. It was wonderful.

Love and I watched the following...
Alvin and the Chipmunks - Cool
National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Wow
Enchanted - Awe
The Perfect Holiday - eh
This Christmas - Awe
The Great Debaters - In my opinion, to sum up it's about a radical who stood to make changes during his era of change. In the midst: it's about love, parenting, family, and what can bring people together.

So much stood out to me during this movie. I could be here all day writing, but I will spare you. So here are a few things that made an impact on me.
- I could not imagine an adult calling another adult a childish term to degrade the other person.
- I can not imagine driving down the street seeing someone hung, hurt, or burnt on a cross, nor in a field, or anywhere, due to a hate crime. You see, hate crimes are a very present occurrence in this day and era of my people, the LGBT community. Of course unless you track the topic, you do not hear about it very often, and it is fortunately not the same magnitude nor can be explicitly compared to what is represented in this movie, but there are many parallels. It was divine that I was not born in the era of this documentary. I fully believe that I too would have been a radical as Denzel portrayed and God only knows where I would have ended up.

I wish I could remember all the profound statements made throughout this movie, but here is what I am going to share.
- One of the students said something degrading about himself. Denzel quickly said, Son, if you were in a fist fight would you hit yourself? The student quickly said No. Denzel said, then why would you put yourself down with your words, it's the same thing.

I totally recommend this movie to all adults.

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